10 Tips to Improve Your Vocabulary

Updated September 2018

What do you do to learn new words? Regularly learning new words is an important way to improve your writing. Here are my 10 tips to improve your vocabulary.
  1. Buy a small, inexpensive notebook.
    This will be your vocabulary journal. When you see or hear a word that you do not know but want to learn, write down the new word in your vocabulary journal.
  2. Look up the new word in a dictionary, such as Merriam-Webster or Cambridge.
  3. Do a search for the word on the internet. Read 3-5 examples of how people use the word. And, watch one or two short videos that use the new word. Notice how the word is pronounced.
  4. In your vocabulary journal, write your own definition of the word. Say the word to yourself five times.
  5. Write a sentence in your journal using the new word.
  6. Draw a picture of the word in your journal.
  7. Write an antonym of the word in your journal – that is, a word that has the opposite meaning. For example, if the word is “quiet,” then the antonym could be “loud.”
  8. Use the new word in a conversation with your friends.
  9. Use the new word in an email or text message.
  10. Regularly review the words in your vocabulary journal. Once a week, look at all the words you have learned so far. You need to keep reviewing the words in your vocabulary journal so you do not forget them.
Please note that some words can have more than one meaning, more than one definition. Just focus on learning one meaning of a word at a time.

I hope these tips help you improve your vocabulary. By learning new words, you will communicate better in English – you will be able to read more and write more as you keep learning vocabulary.

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Did you enjoy this post? What tips would you add? Please add your comments below!

Matthew Huseby, M.A.
My Language Success LLC

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