Scrambled Sentences

This activity helps you with grammar by practicing the order of words in sentences. For each sentence, the words are out of order. Please try to put the words in the correct order. Then check the answers below to see how well you did!

  1. are cake the there candles on 29
  2. son his he for to to the get pharmacy medicine some drove
  3. I party a friend old an at met night last
  4. I pencil minute a for your borrow could ?
  5. author that the all has from read she books
  6. firm my Chicago a law in at works sister

  1. There are 29 candles on the cake.
  2. He drove to the pharmacy to get some medicine for his son.
  3. Last night I met an old friend at a party.
  4. Could I borrow your pencil for a minute?
  5. She has read all the books from that author.
  6. My sister works at a law firm in Chicago.

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