A List of 61 Irregular Verbs

In English grammar, most verbs end in -ed in the past. For example:

Yesterday my mother baked some cookies. (simple past)
I've lived in Chicago for many years. (present perfect)

However, some verbs are irregular. They don't end in -ed in the past. Here are some examples:

bought some shoes at the store today. (simple past)
She's never been to Paris. (present perfect)

There are about 200 irregular verbs in English. I have created a list of 61 common irregular verbs in English. Take a few minutes to check out the verbs and their forms in the simple past and the past participle (the past participle is the form used in the past perfect, present perfect, and future perfect).

Click here to download and print out this 2-page PDF chart of irregular verbs and keep it handy as a reference.

So now, let's practice using some irregular verbs! Scroll down for the answers.
  1. Yesterday my brother (go) ____________________ to Wisconsin.
  2. My parents have (sell) ____________________ their old car.
  3. I have (teach) ____________________ English since 1990.
  4. Karen (drive) ____________________ to Texas last week.
  5. We've (eat) ____________________ at that restaurant many times.

  1. went
  2. sold
  3. taught
  4. drove
  5. eaten

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