Writing Academic Paragraphs – Part 3

There are three parts to an academic paragraph - the topic sentence, the body (supporting sentences), and a concluding sentence. I want to talk about the concluding sentence in this post.

Simply put, the concluding sentence is the last sentence of your paragraph, and it is either
• a sentence that restates the idea or opinion of the topic sentence (using different words), or
• a sentence that offers a concluding thought to the paragraph.

Let's say, for example, that I am writing a paragraph about the benefits of walking. So, my concluding sentence might be:
As you can see, walking on a daily basis offers several benefits for one's health.

As another example, let's say that I am writing about the reasons that you should vote for a particular candidate in an election. Then my concluding sentence might offer a final thought:
For these reasons, when you go to the polls next week, remember to support our city's schools by voting for the candidate who will best strengthen our city's public education system.

It is helpful to start out the concluding sentence with a transition word or phrase, to alert your readers that this last sentence will offer the concluding thought of your paragraph. Here is a list of transitions words or phrases that you might want to use at the beginning of you concluding sentence:

• As you can see,
• Therefore,
• Thus,
• In conclusion,
• In sum,
• In summary,
• To summarize,
• To sum up,
• Hence,
• Consequently,
• For these reasons,

Spend time crafting your concluding sentence and revising it. It is important to have a strong concluding sentence, because it is the last sentence of your paragraph. You want to leave your reader with a final sentence that helps them reflect on the thoughts and ideas expressed in your paragraph. A well-written concluding sentence enables your reader to reflect and see the value of your point of view.

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Matthew Huseby, M.A.
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